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Thursday, September 18, 2008

first entry into the house of blog

its 1:57 on my nokia but it is still 12:49 on my malfunctioning wallclock. The second time checked the time on my wallclock, which was an hour ago, I thought time wasn't in a hurry tonight. Third time I checked, still on the same position...I said, I can't be in twilight zone coz that would be freaky! Good thing, I'm still here in the real world, communing with the real virtual world of internet and electronic mails and networking and blah!
Now, I am here in blogspot.com.
And this is my first entry.
I am not really new with blogging. I have a blog in my friendster and multiply account. I also even use the notepad function of my facebook account as my blogspace...coz I think that one of its purpose is to post your thoughts, opinions, reactions, memos, reminders, and everything else which would entirely be simplified into the word blog.
Okay, so let me then partly introduce myself.
Based on my blog title, I am "movingthruheartstrings".
The "forever" question..."Why (title of blog)?"
It's corny. That's me.
It's O.A. That's me. (Well, I wanted O.A.K.O. for my url but it wouldn't give.)
It's too mushy. That's me.
It sounds like a title of a dance repertoire or dance concert. Well, my life is indeed like a dance... coz for one, I am a dancer. And two, I could say that I have flexed and stretched my personality as I grew up.
It sounds hopeful. Well, I am hopeful...most of the time.
It sounds...after hopeful the next adjective that would come to your mind would be optimistic...well yes, I am...most of the time too.
It also sounds dreamy. Well, I would say that I have a fair share of dreams and aspirations in life.
It sounds...feels...like...inspired by....love. Well, eversince then the BIG FOUR LETTER WORD has been the inspiration, motivation, drive, force or music of my life. My love for my dog when I was still a kid. My love for my nanay and tatay. My love for my friends. My love for my younger brother. My love for my relatives. My love for my past love interests. My love for our special baby brother. My love for my love. My love for my work...ithink.hehe.
You can laugh at me if you think that I am being "ridiculous" and "pathetic"... for all I care!
I am just glad that finally I am here in blogspot which means I am now closer to my friends: esp. BRILLIANTBUMS...
I still have work later.
it's now...2:22. God! I write so slow! urgh. nyt.

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Easter Bunny said...

nitz!!!! finally you're blogging too!!!! gamay nalang kulang ma complete na tang brilliant bums sa blogger weeeee hehe hoping to read more from you. mwah