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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

when our eyes met again...

it's been past three months since our break up...

our communications cut, and as much as possible we avoid bumping into each other... if we did, well we'd act like we were never friends or we'd never known each other... that was till today.

i was behind my officemate. I held her waist and i was pushing her down the hallway. as we were about to turn at the corner, i looked up... and coincidentally, our eyes met and my eyes widened as if it was a positive nod or something... shit! and he looked down and smiled and he touched his nose. he was carrying a paper bag with fancy things and other people were following him. I don't know if that's his new business basta another guy also brought the same things...

honestly, i felt weird... nakilig pa ko nga nag-abot among mata. my body felt that tingling sensation as if it was our first time to meet... pero wala naman koy hope nga magbalik nami coz of my realizations ngano mi nagbulag... pero i was really disturbed... naka yosi gud kog ahat bisan ga withdrawal pko... leche!

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