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Saturday, November 1, 2008

hubag nga dalunggan

since the day we broke up, i have entertained morbid and violent thoughts which i could do to myself. ofcourse, it would be out of my utter emotional depression which is still, upto now, difficult to handle. however, my angel whispered to my ear a very good suggestion... "pagpa-pierce na lang". bitaw, why not?!

a few lonely days after, i got my ears pierced. still on the left ear: one beside my old piercing and one on the upper cartilage part of the ear. but it disappointed me. it didn't hurt! it was supposed to redirect my emotional pain towards physical pain...it was done for a purpose! since, there was nothing i could do i just left it as it was.

then, this morning, something inside made me remove my "bullet" earrings (mao to ang gipambuslot sa ako gamit ang baril so "bullet" ra jud) before i took a shower. when i took them off, i realized that it was still fresh coz it has only been more or less a week since my "operation". so, right after i took a bath, i wore them again. i had to ask my mom to help me wear the one on the cartilage area coz the hole must have closed a bit and i couldn't find its exit point. my mom then applied alcohol on it right after.

so, i went on with the day. then slowly, i felt it sting a bit. i just thot it needed alcohol. so i poured alcohol on the wound area. ug karon nga naka-uli nako, when i looked at the mirror, hubag na xa. so, hubag ang akong left nga dalunggan karon... ang nihubag nga part, katong sa cartilage area.

atleast, sadya lang nga ang akong plano, nahitabo gyud.... nisakit na gyud ang akong relatively new piercings. hurrah! but ofcourse, i hope this would not require another operation. hehehe....

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