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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

realizations from 007 to obama

i just came from M.O.R'S free movie screening of QUANTUM OF SOLACE -007 @ SM City Davao and i have realized some tiny little bit thoughts... the loss of your love could unconsciously turn you into a cold-hearted killer...however, you have to keep your cool and be professional in your job... sometimes, strangers can help you face your problem...however, at the end of the day its you who should face and solve it... BUT MY FAVORITE PART OF THE MOVIE WAS THE ENDING:
(ayaw na react)

anyway, i wasn't able to catch the live broadcast of OBAMA'S ACCEPTANCE SPEECH AS THE PRESIDENT ELECT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA... so, i checked it out in youtube and as i listened to his speech, i can't help but think at the back of my mind would we ever have a leader who would speak like obama? from our history lessons, we know that marcos did. let's just not dwell on the problems marcos left us. let's try to focus on how a leader could push the spirits of a depressed nation into high heavens with words that could inspire you to work your ass out for your family, for yourself, and most especially for your nation. i've only felt this kind of passion and fervor for this nation when i took my stand and walked the streets of davao praying that ERAP should be impeached. however, years after, our nation is still in deep shit. i think that GMA is doing her job and she's doing (i hope) the best that she can... but with all the issues and scandals brought upon her administration, your trust and confidence on her is challenged. so, i just hope that OBAMA would live up to his words and would be blessed by the ALMIGHTY that he'd be able to consistently deliver to his people... and I PRAY that as 2010 approaches, the minds and the hearts of every presidentiable candidate would be inspired by the great milestone that had happened in USA--having the first black american president--and for our version they should turn themselves into being the first FILIPINO who would be patriotic enough to believe in all of us as a people and would work with us as siblings for our mother, PILIPINAS.

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Daddy' Girl said...

pila pusta, some presidential candidates for 2010 will show a pathetic role of playing obama-ish to the Filipino people.