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Friday, December 19, 2008


I was able to pass 5 scripts: 3 for one show and 2 for the other show. And I was able to that within half a day. I started flexing and stretching my neurons at 5am... fighting the biting cold of the early morning. And then there I started working. After one script I went back to bed to dream. Yes! To actually dream what dialogues to use or how my thoughts would flow for the next script which had to follow a different theme. And it did work. After my nap, I pressed on for the next. It became a funny routine. My dreams went crazier. One even looked like a movie or something. Haha! This is what I get after a day of bumming. A day to wallow the pain and misery of life and enjoy the comfort of sickness. It was a beautiful day yesterday and it ended beautifully with tears streaming down my cheeks. Like I was watching my own sorrow on stage.
However, today I am a lively bee. I went to work in the afternoon and was able to deliver what I had to give. Plus, I had free dinner! Although, I felt quite dizzy after walking around. Thankfully, I didn't faint at PENONG'S.
Finally, here at home, I was able to make one more INTRO... just an intro... for the script that's going to be used for tomorrow's shoot. And after all of these, I got lucky! My brother introduced me to this website where you download themes for your phone and i got one of my favorite NARUTO CHARACTERS-SHIKAMARU- A BRILLIANT BUM, AS A MATTER OF FACT. The good thing doesn't end there. I got the biggest surprise that along with the theme was the message alert tone with NARUTO'S VOICE SAYING: "KAGEBUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"....YEAH! IT ROCKS!
Now, I have to sleep... goodnight.

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michelle said...

amazing. you? a naruto fan? hehehe. productive award goes to nitz. wish i could say the same. I've been dreaming of vacay time since last wednesday.:)