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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

green fields

It's 2009 and I just can't help but reminisce on some good memories of dreams I once had while I still had my lover. His family were farmers and he occasionally goes back to there place. And I'd imagined what if it would all work out for us, then I could romantically spend time with him with his family.
Last week, during this trip I had with my family for my younger brother's science project, I "accidentally" came upon this greenery... the fresh air and the vibrant colors of nature almost brought tears to my eyes... heck! I even had an upclose experience with a carabao. While I was watching all of these majestic sights I reconciled myself with the fact that these might just remain as a buried dream now that it's been 3 months since our break up. Now its 2-0-0-9 and it's time to stand up and turn my back. But still i hope someday, someone could pull me back to somewhere that would resemble the simplicity of life and love. I hope by then I would not be too much and that I'd be ready to face another possible hurt and depression in my life. God bless 2-0-0-9.

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