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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

finally, I AM SICK!

last week, i went to the doctor for a check-up coz i had bad cough. She told me to have an x-ray. The result was, I only had bronchitis. So, i had to take unasyn and robitussin. For a few days, i had bad stomach. And just the other night, i had chills. Till yesterday whole day. I wasn't able to join our department christmas party. And now, i am absent from work coz if i would expose myself again to work, i might not be able to recuperate and worse thing would be, i wouldn't be able to join our taping on Sunday which is my main program.
But thank God I am finally sick. It's been a long time since I've wanted to stay at home and just stay in bed. After all the shit that I've been through! Pressure at work, self-imposed pressure for work, sudden withdrawal from smoking....and ofcourse, the break up! I've been in deep shit for two months now. And I am just glad that finally, I AM SICK! I even wanted to be hospitalized but financial constraints limits me to bed rest. But either way, i'm just uber happy that i have time to be at peace for just a day.


Verna T.S. said...


you very well deserve the break (but not the brochitis). you've been driving yourself crazy. it's time to breath and enjoy a good bumming day. hahai...

Verna T.S. said...

(oops... there should be an "e" in breathe.)