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Saturday, October 11, 2008


we buried lola this afternoon. the sad part is my dad wasn't there. he was the only one among the 11 children of my grandparents who was not present. he's still in qatar. he's there all alone. mourning. we, my mom and i, whenever tatay would call, we'd always act strong and try to look at the comic side of the story. ana man jud pirmi ang mga cuizon. we're a funny and comic bunch. this time, we just want to be strong for him. we have to stay strong for him. when we talked over the phone last night, he told me that if there'd be a chance for him to earn here in Davao, he'd instantly leave Qatar for he said he would die there. "Kung si lola pa nimo nak, mamatay ka nga walay samad" Then I responded by reminding him of our country's economy and that even the US has an unstable swing in their economy. "Mao na tay dinha na lagi ta sa Middle East kay naa diha ang oil. hehehe..." I love my dad so much coz he loves us so much. It just hurts, now that I'm mature enough, to share the burden with my mom knowing that tatay could have been here. He could have been here if only our country was stable. If only our country could provide well for every family. I told tatay that night not to worry, coz atleast before lola left this world, she was able to see him through me since I'm a 'photocopy' of my dad.
And I also told him that I whispered to lola when she died that tatay loves him so much, and sorry that he can't be here kay nagtrabaho pa man siya. I miss tatay.
I miss lola. I know someday all of us would be reunited in God's time.

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