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Monday, October 20, 2008

wrecked brain

too much editing wrecked my brain... totally!

i left the office early (5pm) and went on to have a beer with my friend may2x at mts.
after one beer, i had to leave and meet up with bea for another "misery loves company" sessions... hehe..
but wait... pag-abot nako sa kanto sa mts... nakalimot ko nga wala pa ko nakabayad sa akong ber. SO I RAN BACK AND ACCEPT THE EMBARASSMENT. gibayaran nako akong ber.
so, okay na.
(fast forward) I didn't have dinner yet. So, bea decided that we'd eat dinner first... but it ended up nga ako lang ang nagdinner kay siya nikaon ra sa iyang cupcake nga hinatag sa iyang friend.

(forward) busog na. so, we headed on to gaisano mall. pagpadulong namo didto, nibuto ang fuse sa poste. no power ang mall. so, we were confused where to go next. so, I decided why not go to Rizal. so ayun, nagjeep.

(forward) we were already half kilometer away. bea's phone rings... i had a lightbulb moment: ting! i forgot to pay sa carinderia. hahahaha.. hilarious! kaulaw! carinderia gi-one two three! hahaha... we were so far away na gyud so it would be a waste to go back and regain our dignity as good citizens of this country... so i decided i'll just go back tomorrow and apologize and pay my bill. case solved..for now.

(forward) my battery got drained while we were still in the middle of our chika... so, i told her: ff, i will not expect nga when i get home and charge my phone, makadawat kog delayed text gikan niya... thus, we ended up saying, "ana gyud na, it hurts pero sige lang...

(forward) balay na ko. happy coz i had three beers for the night and a good conversation with my ff. so, i opened my bag to get my charger. checked the first zipper, it wasn't there...checked the second one...not there either.. lightbulb moment: ting! i left it at the office! hahahahaa... so, my mobile phone is dead til tomorrow. i called up our office and asked our lobby guard if someone surrendered a charger...negative. so, i asked him to transfer my call to our department or to our editing room 4. no answer. he then took my call and told me he found it already..."kuhaa lang diri ugma nitz." "salamat kuya".

...grabe! wat a day. so, stressful! hahaha... =p

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